Turn Your Office Into a Yoga Studio

It’s not unusual for many of us to have an office job that involves us sitting behind a desk for long portions of the day. And a lot of us no doubt spend a good chunk of the evening sat down on the sofa too. But, as you may imagine, this isn’t great for your health.

In fact, by leading such a sedentary lifestyle, you could be increasing your chances of diabetes, heart problems and even death. So what can we do about it? Well the Lancet believes that an hour of exercise a day will offset the dangers of sitting down, and this infographic from JFK Binding focuses on one specific way of staying active – office yoga.

The graphic lists nine yoga exercises you can easily do at work, and in case you’re worried about odd looks from your colleagues, it handily provides you with a list of ready-made excuses. It also takes a look at the benefits of yoga, such as helping you to focus more, improving balance, and even helping you sleep better, meaning you can turn yourself into a Productivity Ninja in no time at all.

Office Yoga

As well as that, there are some other useful ways to stay a little more active at work, including walking around when on the phone and taking the stairs rather than the lift. If you think you’re sat down for a little too long at work, then this could be just what you need.

Time to get moving and don’t forget to show us your Office Yoga Sessions in pictures over on Twitter.

By Hannah-Cate Morayati 

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