Stop Wasting Days Off!

It’s the weekend! The possibilities of activities are endless. As tempting as binge watching TV is, make sure you won’t look back on Sunday evening and feel like you wasted some valuable time off. So what is it that we, as Productivity Ninjas, recommend you should do on your days off? 

One thing you most definitely SHOULDN’T do are work-related tasks! This is the time where you get to re-energize and be separated from work life. Having time away from work is crucial for one’s health and well-being. Believe it or not, breaks help contribute to workplace productivity, regardless of how long or short they are.

Creative Outlet

Whether that be singing, painting, playing an instrument, or some other form of creativity, get involved in an activity that helps you to be expressive. Creativity is beneficial, not just in the workplace, but also for your overall living, this is because it incorporates various different skills and forms of thinking, such as the ability to grow and view obstacles as opportunities.

Don't Waste Your Time Off

Try Something New

This is your chance to do something you have always wanted to do, but never came around to doing before. Rather than just repeating the same routine that you do on your days off, use it as an opportunity to get more out of your time. In turn, this may unlock a new hidden talent that can help with work life and home life. In addition, it assists you on your way to living and experiencing different wonders, rather than just existing in this world.

Be Active

There are days for you to be completely inactive, and then there are other days, which will prove beneficial for you to be active. You need to be able to find the balance between the two and know when it is appropriate to be lazy or energetic for the day. It is not about making yourself exhausted, but learning how to have fun and find an activity that gets your heart pumping and keeps your soul alive.

Outdoor activity

Finish What You’ve Been Working On

No, this is not referring to work. A personal project or goal you may have set yourself is enough to finish something that you have been working on. Not only will you be able to finally achieve a goal, but you soon discover that you are more capable to begin a task and complete it. This helps encourage a mind-set which is endurable to life’s struggles, not matter how minor or major. Essentially, it builds strength and character so that you are not easily swayed to give up before you even began, which can be applied to all areas of your life.

Don't Waste Your Time Off


Generally speaking, when it comes to having time off for a holiday, take it all! Research has shown that countries with employees who took more days off compared to those who didn’t, had a higher productivity rate. This is because holidays missed typically resulted in workers making higher rates of mistakes, as well as resenting their co-workers. On the other hand, employees who took all their holiday leave tended to be highly motivated to do better, regardless of how long or short their break was. Also, who’s going to turn down a lovely weekend trip away from home?

Now, get out of your digital bubble and have a brilliant weekend! And tell us all about it on Monday @thinkproductive

By Rosie To 

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