Learning How to Relax

Relaxing seems like an easy enough task to do without even thinking about it. But in today’s 24-7 world, even a Productivity Ninja might not always be able to relax. We are often occupied with other thoughts about what we have to do the next day, or even the things we should have already done yesterday and today, that truly switching off  becomes non-existent.
Do you truly know how to relax? Let’s find out… 


Remove yourself from any type of technological devices that could make your relaxing time, a working time. Instead, take this as an opportunity to not get distracted with work. From time-to-time, we all require a day dedicated to being completely free from society, or at the very least, feel as if we are free from society. Due to the interconnectedness that social media offers, it is only beneficial to a certain extent. When it comes to relaxing, it disturbs all possibilities.



Sometimes, the best needed form of relaxation is to sleep, a 20-60 minute nap during the day can help you feel replenished, as opposed to the feeling of fatigue when you’re trying to relax in some other form. Listen to your body, if it’s telling you to sleep during the day, then do it. But avoid going into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, as that can leave you feeling even more tired for the rest of the day. However, a nap is a great way to rest and relax, as it has been shown to increase performance later on.

Chamomile Tea

A beverage that provides multiple benefits, and the main one being that it helps dealing with stress and anxiety. It cannot be emphasized enough that chamomile tea not only helps to lower stress, but also contains antioxidants which contributes to fighting against chronic diseases, and it tastes nice too!

Chamomile tea


There is nothing like a good book that takes your mind away to another world. The imagination is a great place to escape to. In a study conducted on volunteers at the University of Sussex, reading was found to be the most effective method of relaxation compared to other methods. It was shown to reduce stress levels by 68 per cent, the highest result, in contrast to other techniques of relaxation. Bare in mind when choosing your book to choose something which will help you switch off and not “secretly” continue work. If you’re still looking for a new book, head over to our Twitter or Instagram and with a bit of luck you’ll find a new book in your mail box soon. Otherwise, we might also have something for you in our shop.

Read to Relax

Go for a Walk

If you prefer to be more active during your day, a walk may help you to relax, even more so if it comes with a nice scenic view. However, if you are from the city, a walk around your local park can be just as effective in helping you learn how to relax. It can help boost endorphins, which makes you less stressed and lighten your mood.


It is quite a therapeutic method of letting go of your stresses by writing, whether that is a story, or some form of journal writing, to be able to write it down and getting rid of the pages (if it’s your frustration in words), as if it were giving you the feeling of a new start. This a creative outlet for you to manage your thoughts and emotions, since this form of expressive writing provides you with an opportunity to convey all that you were previously repressing. Let your creative juices flow!

Writing to Relax

These are just some ways to really unplug and relax. What’s your go-to way to truly relax? Let us know @thinkproductive

By Rosie To 


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