Your email alter-ego

Don’t sell out your email address!

One of the tips we use on our email training workshops is to use an alias email address. Companies are getting better and better at tricking you into giving them your email address so they can shout at you every month with spam. We promise two things at Think Productive UK in relation to emails we send you:

1.  You will never be added to our monthly productivity tips email unless you ask us first. That means you either signing up on the box to the right of this text, or us having a conversation and you giving us your business card or email address.

2.  We’re also passionate that as well as occasional sales pitches, our followers and customers want useful stuff. So we make sure our monthly emails have useful, relevant links.

We take a fairly common-sense view that if we’re useful, people might like us and want to work with us. And if you shout at people without permission, well you probably won’t get very far. It’s just basic email etiquette!


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