A tidy desk is a tidy mind

Someone on our ‘How to Get Things Done’ workshop last week told us that they spent most of their working day feeling like their brain was in a fog. By the end of a day with us, this had completely changed and had been replaced by a sense of clarity and focus and our famous “playful, productive momentum”. For those of us using systems like GTD, many of us have probably experienced moments where we thought we were feeling focussed and productive, but the simple act of a weekly review or a de-cluttering session clears the decks mentally as well as physically, leaving us amazed at the heighten levels of focus we’re actually able to achieve.

And of course those of you who are feeling foggy, sign up to our monthly tips email or come and join us on our ‘How to Get Things Done’ workshop. Better still, you could book one of our contemporary time management courses for your team.

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