The Lemon: Purpose

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We still don’t really know what’s wrong with our baby, which is upsetting, disorientating and challenging.  I’m realising that ‘lemoning’ is full of sharp moments.  Raw moments.  Some bitter, some – surprisingly – sweet.

When “life” gets in the way of productivity, you find yourself naturally questioning the bigger picture.  What really matters?  What’s the purpose?  What’s my purpose?

What and who and where and when do I have the energy and attention for?  Where do I most add value?  What do others need from me?

These are big questions.  I feel like I spend a lot of time when things are “normal” thinking about these questions.  Yet paradoxically, you have to look beyond your email inbox, your to-do list and the internet for the answers.  But now that this lemon is in front of me, I’m determined to make lemonade.

So if life feels pretty “normal” for you right now, here’s my invitation.  Don’t just think about your purpose, but start to act upon it too.  Make the changes that have integrity and bring value and meet your purpose.  Becoming the best human being you can be might require some human doing to help get you there.


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