4 ways to get dressed like a ninja

Like everyone a productivity ninja likes to look presentable but doesn’t want to waste time and energy on wardrobe decisions in the morning. Here are four ways to keep getting dressed from taking over your action list.

1) Work out your style: This is probably easier than you think, it’s what you wear most of the time. Pull everything from your wardrobe and separate out the clothes you wear the most, they’re very likely to be the ones that you look best in; once you know your style you can easily pick out what to buy when shopping.

2) Get rid of excess: Being a ninja is about ruthlessness. When you’ve worked out what you wear all the time you’ll probably be leftNinja with a pile of stuff that you don’t wear often, if at all. In fact there might be some stuff you don’t even remember. It’s time to let it all go and a ninja will regularly trim the weeds from their wardrobe to make morning access easier.

3) Be focussed: Head ninja Graham Allcott only wears navy blue or brown cords. That way he isn’t overwhelmed by choice, it also means that most of his wardrobe goes together easily so he doesn’t have to spend extra time co-ordinating. You may assume that this sort of system is limiting but find you feel as though you have a wider wardrobe selection because you have more items that go together. If you’re not brave enough to cut all the way back, pack away some of your clothes for a couple of weeks and see how you go.

4) Plan your shop: A ninja doesn’t browse. Feel clear about what your wardrobe needs and go looking for the best examples of them. Of course if you enjoy window shopping you should do that when you want to have fun but it might not be best to mix it with shopping for much needed wardrobe additions, for more focus try shopping online for essentials – a ninja doesn’t let distractions derail productivity.


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