Put some magic in your work day!






Magic isn’t really magic, but it is magical.

magic in your work day!
                                     IMAGE BY LOREN JAVIER

It’s exciting to be around people who make magic happen – the people who seem to have an innate sense of how to deliver and create impact.

It’s even more exciting when you’re the person creating that magic.

As a Ninja, what were once routine tasks become opportunities for:

>     fun
>     discovery
>     experimentation
>     the unleashing of your inner geek

Thinking about the process of your work as well as the work itself will help you to love what you do, whatever that may be.

You will gain excitement and a sense of magic from being better at doing what you were doing before; you’ll be less stressed about it; and you’ll experience a momentum in your work that you never thought possible.

Ninjas work in a unique heightened flow of relaxed productivity, brought about by hyper-awareness, calm and focus. It’s a magical experience that you won’t want to go back from.

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