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How to Get Things Done Workshop, London, UK



Our ‘How to Get Things Done’ workshop is so called because it shows you how to do just that.

> I mean, I could tell you how we introduce the Think Productive UK work model so that you can implement a new way of doing things from your very next day back at the office;

> I could tell you how your trainer will help to break down your real life projects, so that the process begins in the session and not a week later;

> I could tell you that you will be so bursting with tips and tricks that you should warn your friends in advance that you’re about to become a productivity bore, but I won’t.

I’ll just say that if you come to a Think Productive UK public workshop you’ll learn ‘How to Get Things Done’ in less time and with more confidence, just trust me.

Learn to walk at a Think Productive UK How to Get Things Done workshop

I get that it might feel a bit strange at first.

I was once there and was reminded of this recently when I went to visit my niece on her first birthday.

The little lady had just decided it was time to walk and it was such a joy watching the excitement on her face as she took those first delightfully, wobbly steps.

However I couldn’t quite understand her insistence on walking when she is such a champion crawler, she has perfected the art of crawling, other babies bow to her crawling prowess.

And then I got it, no matter how good she is at crawling, she will still be crawling. She instinctively knows that it will never be as good as walking and she will never get as much done without her hands free to smear jam on walls. Those first tentative steps are worth it for what she will achieve when walking at full speed.

A ‘How to Get Things Done’ workshop is like Think Productive UK holding your hand as you take your first steps into ninja like efficiency. The first time you step away from your work to complete a weekly checklist  it may feel a little weird, but after a couple of weeks you’ll wonder how you did without it.

Sometimes you feel like you’re going as fast as you can, but you’re still crawling when you could be walking. Come to a productivity workshop and learn to walk.

The next London productivity workshop for ‘How to Get Things Done’ is on Friday 7th December at Better Bankside near London Bridge.


How to Get Things Done Workshop, London, UK

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