Productivity Ninjas Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

This week at Think Productive, we asked our Ninjas to share with us the resolutions that they’re making for the New Year. Here’s what they said!


Graham Allcott (TP CEO)

“To get back into running – I’ve let it slip recently.”

Elena Kerrigan (TP COO)

“To keep my emails “offline” most afternoons.”

Cara Delaney (TP UK Head of Client Delivery)

“To bring my full attention to the present moment as often as possible; to find the joy in doing the most simple or even (on the face of it) tiresome or boring things!” 

Matt Cowdroy (Productivity Ninja, TP Australia)

“To be a stronger part of the “human” community (as I feel the virtual community is a bit overpowering).”

Fokke Kooistra (Productivity Ninja, TP Benelux)

“To read x number of books. 2016 is going to be 25.”

Tracy Parks (Director, TP USA)

I’m committing to a deeper care for my busy mind via meditation practice.”

We hope our Ninjas gave you some ideas! What are your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? Tweet us at @thinkproductive!


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