Is Magnesium The Magic Mineral?

Most of us know Vitamin C boosts our immune system and Calcium makes bones and teeth strong, but we may not know the role of Magnesium and why is it important for productivity.

You may be surprised to discover that magnesium supports 300 reactions in the human body and helps to regulate hormones and detoxify. This magic mineral is extremely alkaline, and works to  balance pH levels which help induce calmness and relaxation and a more  zen-like outlook.

zen calmness

Low magnesium = Low productivity

In addition to increasing concentration and focus, magnesium supports quickness of thought including ability to rationalize and create solutions.  Without it; the normal working day will be more challenging and less productive.

Warning signs of magnesium deficiency

If you experience sore muscles and leg cramps, sugar cravings, or anxiety, low magnesium levels are a possible cause. In addition, magnesium regulates chemicals in the body which help us to ‘switch off’, so, trouble sleeping is another warning sign. Eating processed foods, like white bread and pasta interfere with magnesium absorption, as do some forms of medication. High intakes of sugar and caffeine can negatively impact magnesium levels so reconsider whether you really need your morning cup of coffee with a “spoonful of sugar”.

Chocolate cravings can be another sign of magnesium deficiency; think of it as the body’s way of crying out for the mineral.

Mag rich food

How to increase magnesium levels

Foods high in magnesium include green leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach, raw nuts and (yeah!) dark chocolate. Choose chocolate with 75% or more cocoa solids to provide the magnesium hit you need.

For a quicker fix, try supplements like magnesium oil or angstrom magnesium, which you can find from your local health store or supermarket.

Adding magnesium flakes into the bath after a long working day can help you to wind down.

Magnesium won’t work any productivity miracles overnight, but it can have a significant impact on workplace motivation and moves you one step closer to being a Productivity Ninja!

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By Emma Gibbins

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