Productivity Apps in Review: Vista List

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you have to finish? Is your to-do list a bit crowded and you easily lose focus? Our Productivity Ninjas are always looking for apps which can help take the pressure off and simply make your days more productive. This week, Caitlin, our Campaign Manager and Executive Assistant, tested the task manager app, Vista List. See for yourself how she got on… 

Chosen App: Vista List

Available on: iPhone


Productivity Apps in Test

Why did you pick this particular app?

I’m always on the lookout for effective task management apps that allow me to be flexible and manage my tasks across two different job titles.

How does it work?

Vista list works by adding projects or tasks under 3 categories; Event, Personal and Work. The user can add projects or tasks under each and set deadlines and add notes.

How did you use the app? And what changed for you?

I used the app a couple times a week on my phone- particularly with personal tasks. I found being able to break down my to-do list into projects and tasks quite useful – as it made them feel more manageable and less overwhelming as a whole.


Productivity Apps in Test

What was your favorite feature?

My favorite feature would be the progress bar for each project! As your complete tasks under a specific project, the progress bar updates with a percentage to show you how close you are to completing the project overall.

I also liked that when you open the app, it immediately tells you what tasks you have coming up (according to the deadlines you set for them.) Vista List has also replaced traditional due dates with countdown timers, to allow you set your deadline according to how much time you want to spend on a task.

Nothing is perfect. What were the negatives of using the app?

Vista List has a lot of cool features, but you do have to know the app really well to be able to take full advantage of them! They have a number of helpful tutorials on their website to help you to get the hang of it.

Will you continue using it? Why/Why not?

While I can see Vista List as being particularly useful for event planning, I don’t think I will continue to use it- the app’s style and some of the features just didn’t really work well with how I manage my tasks.

Who would you recommend this app for?

I’d recommend this app for anyone who is on the go a lot – it’s great for adding tasks in quickly and adding quick notes.



What’s your favorite task management app? How do you stay on top of your to-do list? Let us know in the comments below or @thinkproductive
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By Caitlin Fox 

Caitlin is Think Productive’s Content Manager and Executive Assistant. She is also the voice behind our Instagram account.

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