Carl Honoré – The King of Slow

Productivity Ninja and Think Productive founder, Graham Allcott’s podcast, Beyond Busy, interviews people from all different backgrounds, experiences, places and stages about work/life balance, productivity, happiness and success. Graham is on a quest to discover how different people manage their busy schedules- and how they find happiness along the way. 


Beyond Busy: Carl Honore


In this episode, Graham sat down with the king of ‘Slow’ – Carl Honoré. Speaker, Journalist and Author of ‘In Praise of Slow: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed’ and ‘The Slow Fix: Lasting Solutions in a Fast-Moving World’, – Carl is a huge advocate for the ‘Slow Movement’. In this episode they discussed the idea of ‘instant gratification’ and how that concept has snuck its way into every aspect of our lives, helped largely along by modern social media. Whether it’s politics, relationships, or even parenting – in this episode Carl outlines the need for the rise of ‘slow-thinkers’ in a fast-paced culture.


Time for Happiness


Graham and Carl thought about rituals and the little things everyone can do to help slow us down, even in the most fast paced of environments. Whether that’s a simple cup of tea or a full on yoga session, Graham’s chat with Carl really reinforced the importance of taking time away from our fast-paced lives, and the crucial difference it can make to our happiness.

Listen to the new episode here and let us know what you do to slow down in the comment section below or @thinkproductive


By Caitlin Fox

Caitlin is Think Productive’s Campaign Manager as well as Graham’s Personal Assistant. Caitlin is also the voice behind our Instagram account. 

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