Office Sports Day

Regular exercise is key for sustainable productivity, as is making sure that your team are happy at work. To add to our post on the ‘Top 10 Ways To Stay Happy At Work’, we’ve come up with a few new ways to combine both exercise and office happiness…

Remember the good old days of school sports days where you could just sit in the sun, cheering on your fellow classmates and laughing about how bad you were at the egg and spoon race?  Unfortunately for many of us now, days spent lounging around in P.E and school seem a long distant memory. But for those of us looking to liven up the office during these hot months, we’ve come up with a great idea – The Office Sports Day!

TP ping pong

Desk Table Tennis

One of these miniature sets will only set you back a few pounds and at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be the office table tennis champion? (See TP Sheepie, above, for inspiration.)

Stapling Race

Need to get all that stapling done before you go home? Get your co-workers involved and see who can do it fastest! Everyone needs to start out with the same amount remember!

Office Chair Race

It helps to have a large office and a chair with a good set of wheels for this one…

Rubber and Ruler Race

Replacing the old faithful Egg and Spoon race with something a bit more office friendly.

Photocopying Race

Much like the stapling race at the start of the list, this is productive and useful aswell as competitive. Ever wondered who is able to photocopy 20 sheets of paper the quickest? You are now…

Ruler Javelin

Probably best to do this in a safe environment! Mark the agreed throwing line, and see who can make that 30cm piece of plastic fly through the air the furthest.

Waste Paper Shot-put

Put a waste paper bin a good distance away and see who is able to get their scrunched up piece of paper in from the furthest distance.

Standing long jump

Who can jump over the furthest amount of pens or rulers from a standing start? Plus this should be: relatively safe to do…right?…

Three Legged Race (with Sellotape)

Another office themed take on a sports day classic, just make sure that you don’t use too strong sellotape or you may find yourself stuck to the other person for a bit longer than you thought!

Desk Hurdles

For those brave souls among us willing to risk everything, see how far you can get hurdling those sturdy office desks from one side of the office to the other. Be warned – this probably won’t end well! Prepare to minus points for everything you knock off a desk too.

So there you have it, a few ideas of events to get you started on organising your very own office sports day over the summer. Who said that office staff can’t have all the fun?

Disclaimer: Any issues you may face by doing these events is in no way our fault… 

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