Extreme Productivity Experiments: Pay Attention

Sit up and pay attention! It’s time for us to delve back again through the archives and re-live Grahams Extreme Productivity Experiment series that he took part in during 2013. In the month of April, Graham wanted to look into different ways that we can increase our attention and productivity during the working day.

‘By taking time to have a 10 minute meditation by using apps, such as Headspace and Buddhify, meant that for the rest of the hour I was completely able to focus on what I was doing and not feel tempted by distractions. I was really able to feel in the moment and just get on with what I needed to do.’

We hope you feel inspired by Grahams recap of his extreme productivity experiment. Make sure you check back next Thursday to hear all about Mays experiment: Maynia!

You can read Grahams reflection blog post that he wrote after he completed his Pay Attention experiment here.

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