Making effective and productive meetings

Think of how many hours we all spend in meetings. Then think how magnificent it would be if every single one was powerful, purposeful and helped you make decisions which worked for you and for the common good. Yes, every meeting is a priceless opportunity to surprise ourselves with just how much we can achieve together. Below are a few tips to help you on your way, for a more indepth look at making meetings magic visit our meetings workshop page.

Go on – don’t
How many times have you been bored by someone who spoke too long? How many times have you been surprised that someone on a platform spoke too little? Probably lots of the former and not much of the latter. So say what you have to say, and sit down. (It’s like drilling – strike oil and then stop boring.)

Don’t go to meetings – and we’ll all go home early
Fixing a meeting often seems like a good idea at the time. But it can also be a way of putting off actually doing anything. Its tempting – travelling to meetings when we don’t need to. Feels like we’re doing something when we’re not being proeductive. So do it a different way. First choice is meeting on the phone. Fix a time and stick to it. Save yourself the trip

Fix a time and stick to it (10.30 means … 10.30)
We all lose lots of time calling people who’re not there or who in a good frame of mind to talk to us. So fix a precise time to speak – and say you’ll call them rather than have them call you. Call them at precisely that time. Not before or after and earn yourself a reputation for being on the button. As well as increasing the chances of you both being ready to talk, it also tells them that you want to do business and get on with things

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