Going on holiday? Don’t be tempted to stay connected while you’re away!

On our time management worshops we often talk about the issue of ‘connectivity vs productivity whilst we should focus on being productive we’re often simply addicted to being connected, in the loop and plugged in.

In our Email Etiquette workshop, we also talk about the Blackberry (‘Crackberry’) abuse that goes on in organisations and help people to change these bad habits. If I go away it’s usually for about a month so it’s quite normal for me to take a few bits of work with me and stay relatively in the loop but it’s also good to completely disconnect (with no exceptions!) so that you can stop thinking about work, take time to reflect and experience a change of pace.

I’m happy to report that nothing ‘blew up’ during my week away, and if you’re tempted to take the laptop with you or keep your blackberry turned on whilst you’re away on your hols, here’s the view from the other side – I hope it changes your mind!

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