Have You Picked Your Planner For 2017?

As we get closer to the end of the year, more and more appointments are popping up for 2017. Planning ahead for the next year can be quite stressful but what will let you sleep at night is the feeling of knowing everything is in one place. What better place to have all your upcoming Time Management Workshops, doctors appointments and review dates than your personal planner? As a Productivity Ninja, I appreciate productivity apps, but when it comes to planners, I like to stick to pen & paper. 

Even with “offline” planners, you have so many different choices – whether that’s size, shape or content. The lovely team over at Momentum, have sent us one of the very first copies of their brand new 2017 planners. The planner has gone through the Productivity Ninja Test and you get to be part of the experience and read all about what we thought of it.


Productivity Ninja Planner


Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover 

The Momentum Planner might not look as exciting from the outside, but once opened it’s quite obvious that this book is much more than just a planner. Momentum is a planner and self-development tool in one. It combines goal-setting, self-development and productivity tools all into one year planner. So, beside keeping track of all your upcoming appointments, you also get to track your goals for the next year as well as get some productivity tips and personality tests along the way.


Productivity Ninja Planner


The planner doesn’t just have a very clear and fun design throughout the pages, but it also encourages you to keep track on where you are in the journey to achieve your goals, which you’ve set at the beginning of the year. The copy I have received came in black and white, which gives me the opportunity to give it a personal touch and get creative with different pens and stickers. Along the way it also has some great productivity and personality type tailored tips which motivate to try out new things and focus on what best fits your personality.

Momentum also starts off with a fun Personality Profile Test which is eye-opening. Once you’ve discovered your personality type, you can also find out throughout the planner:

  • How you learn
  • How you find work-life-balance
  • How you deal with stress
  • How you communicate

and much more, based on your personality type.


Productivity Ninja Planner


Enough. Where can I get one? 

Love the sound of this planner? Still looking for a Christmas present for your colleagues or friends? Or simply treat yourself.
Momentum is available worldwide, in both English and German on Kickstarter from November 30th 2016. So, what are you waiting for? Join our Momentum Club and get one yourself.

If you’re one of our regular readers, you might also want to keep your eyes on our blog, as you could be in for a chance to get one of these snazzy planners in one of our upcoming give-aways. 

While we’re talking about planning ahead for 2017, you might also want to take some time and have a look at our Time Management Workshops and start the new year with Productivity Ninja goals.


By Hannah Urbanek 

It would be great to have a productivity planner like the above (available to buy in the UK) which is undated.

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