Great feedback from our latest public workshop in Bath

To follow up our visit to Bristol last month, we were back in Bath on Monday for another of our “How to get Things Done” public workshops, facilitated by our South West based ‘Productivity Ninja’ Lee Cottier.

Want to join us for the next one?
You can check out our full list of workshop cities, and all the upcoming dates HERE.

In the meantime, here’s what our latest attendees had to say after the event:

How would you describe the benefits of the workshop to your friends?

• “A complete solution on the day!”
• “A different way to look at your day to day working practice.”
• “A new way of thinking and doing.”
• “Beneficial as makes you think differently about your time.”
• “Have a good system now to track tasks.”
• “How to understand time is not changeable, and how to organise you mind.”
• “If properly implemented and stuck to could change your work life and home life for the better.”
• “Improved flow of work practice – long term sanity!”
• “Life changing – GET ON IT!”

Was there anything you particularly liked?

• “Adding Contexts to actions
• “All of it.”
• “Clarity and practical knowledge of subject.”
• “Exceeded my expectations (I’d expected ‘traditional’ time management).”
• “Expectations were totally exceeded.”
• “Hoped it would be new and refreshing – it was!”
• “Lee was an awesome trainer – felt very comfortable, and he delivered it with knowledge and just the right amount of humour.”
• “Liked the process introduced – made me think about doing things in different ways.”
• “Lots of exercises.”
• “Pace, wit, humour.”
• “Sharing of personal experiences by the trainer and other delegates.”
• “Tagging and Contexts – great ideas!”
• “Teaching style was open but structured, very enjoyable and productive.”
• “The initial ‘braindump’ so that throughout the day I could relate personally to the subjects.”
• “The system approach and flexibility.”
• “Understanding what Contexts to put to tasks.”

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