FREE EBOOK: How Thinking About Sex Can Help You Write Your Essays

One of the biggest challenges as a student is mastering the art of writing the perfect essay. Graham Allcott has found the secret that all students in universities, colleges and schools want to hear – when you’re writing your essays, articles or even dissertations: think about sex.

Find out more in Graham’s free ebook – which you can find by clicking on the image below or following this link.

You’ll learn that the best way to start an essay is by not writing anything at all, and how Ninja Preparedness can save countless headaches further down the track. He reminds us that the best essays are those where our personalities shine through, and shares his Ninja cheats.

Need expert tips on writing a last minute essay? Look no further.

Thinking_About_Sex Cover

This ebook is an extract from Graham’s latest book ‘How to be a Knowledge Ninja’, which gives you more tips on how to study smarter, focus better and achieve more. You can buy it by following this link – and find more study resources on our Knowledge Ninja site.

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