Extreme Productivity Experiments: The Diceman

Graham conducted a series of extreme productivity experiments in 2013 in his quest to find new ways of how he works, and test the parameters of “productivity” and explore the idea of the “work/life balance”. Two years on, Graham will spend every Thursday for the next twelve weeks reflecting on what he learned from each extreme productivity experiment and how it’s changed the way he works now.

Following on from his January experiment of Email Fridays, February brought round the idea of ‘The Diceman’. Influenced by the Luke Rhinehart book series of the same name, Graham would decide all of his decisions for the month by the roll of a dice, if there was something which had more than one possible outcome, the dice would decide the result.

This week, Graham looks in-depth into his experiment – looking at what he learnt and felt as he took the diceman challenge and how it has influenced his life since.

‘We have this great issue around decision making, and I think it can be a barrier to productivity’ Graham explains when talking about his experience ‘So much of the way we think about things, is really engrained in us. We think that we only have one or two options – but in reality we have lots of different options we could make’.

We hope you feel inspired by Grahams recap of his extreme productivity experiment! Check back next Thursday to hear all about March’s experiment: The One Hour Working Day.

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