We love good design! Think Productive UK’s own brand identity has been given a complete make-over this year and the man responsible has been Allan Burrell of Burrell Design.

Our ‘design problem’ was quite a complex one: what we do (and what we find really works!) is to go way beyond the old-fashioned time management training that most people are used to. But at the same time, people still label their needs as time management training. We needed to show people that we’re different and that what we do really works. We wanted people to see that we are not some corporate training organisation that’s too huge to care about what they offer and we’re also not the kind of flighty freelance trainers that you meet at networking events. We don’t do crappy software training, we do email training that’s about getting your inbox to zero!

We’re different, we’re professional, we’re a little bit niche, we walk our talk and we love our work. Allan brought these ideas to life brilliantly in the brand identity and we’re really pleased that it helps us get the right message across.

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