Bigger is better well for presentations anyway

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How many times have you sat in a presentation and had no idea what’s on the slides because they’re just too small. It’s so simple to put right. Here’s what you do.

Make them bigger!

Which means having fewer slides and fewer points on each. Have five slides with five points on each is a good idea. If you reckon you can’t fit in all your wonderful points, then take a walk and think about what you really want people to remember at the end of your presentation. Just put those points down.
Bigger is much better. And less is much more.

You are exactl right about the size of images and words on slides. Make sure everyone can see it. Sit in all four corners of the room and check it out before you oresent

How long a speech is 5 slides for?

I can’t agree more. As soon as I hear someone mention they have a “powerpoint presentation” I can’t help but feel they have missed the point about communicating what I want to learn form them. Personally, I like to use picture. Not everyone internalizes words as well as they do pictures and (as my wife would likely agree) I am full of words as it is!

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