Changing Your Habits with the 4 Changes of Competence (part 3)

Changing your habits is a hard thing to do.

As a continuation of our blog series (previous posts here) on the ‘Four Stages of Competence’ model, we move onto the third stage – Conscious Competence

CORD Technique: time management CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE

Do you remember the day of your driving test?

Chances are the adrenaline was flowing and you were doing everything you could to keep focussed on every single movement.

Take yourself back there for a moment.

You’re conscious of making sure you practice your ‘mirror-signal-manoeuvre’ technique, you’re feeding the wheel without crossing your hands over each other in a way that you only ever do before you’ve got your driving licence and during the test, the only thing on your mind is the driving test.

Do it right. Do it right. Stay focussed. And it works.

There’s someone sat next to you with a clipboard, ticking off each part of the test and you have the proof there at the end that you are indeed competent!

But that doesn’t mean it was easy and only fierce concentration and strong, proactive attention will see you through to a positive outcome. You have little opportunity to think beyond how am I driving? because even the slightest slip up would be costly.


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