Changing Your Habits with the 4 Changes of Competence (part 2)

Changing your habits is a hard thing to do.

In a previous blog post we introduced the Four Stages of Competence’ model  – four stages that you must travel through when adopting any new skill or technique and looked at the first stage, Unconscious Incompetence.

Today the next stage.

CORD Technique: time management


Fast forward to one of your first driving lessons – you’re sat in the driving seat and your teacher asks you to pull out onto the road. To your horror, you stall the car.

Flustered and panicked, you do your best to avoid a minor heart attack whilst your driving instructor gets you back on the road again and within a few moments you find yourself calmly reflecting on what just happened.

Perhaps it was the clutch, or perhaps you weren’t in the correct gear, or you didn’t give the accelerator enough revs.

Whatever happened, you can start to recognise what that problem was and make sure that next time, you’ll be more careful. Because next time, you’ll be conscious of what you’re doing so that you make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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