Bristol Public Workshop Biscuits

Biscuits - like the ones found at a Think Productive UK Email Training Workshop

This is just a quick post to highlight the fabulous biscuits at the Think Productive UK public workshop in Bristol.

The next available date is ‘Getting Your Inbox to Zero’ with Lee Cottier on Thursday 6th December (book here).

The workshop will clear your inbox, your mind and your soul in just three hours, using only our tried and tested ninja skills; but what I really want to draw your attention to is the biscuits. If you go for anything, go for the tea break. Lee takes his biscuits very seriously.

And if you do get to experience tea with Lee, please use the experience to remind yourself that whenever possible you should try to choose the nice biscuits.

We aren’t all lucky enough to love our work. Even fewer people enjoy each and every aspect of their job. Even here at Think Productive UK HQ we sometimes have to buckle down and do the worst first  so it’s important to take charge of the things that you can change.

That’s what ‘Getting Your Inbox to Zero’ is about, maximising email management and taking ownership of what you can control, so that you can deal with what you can’t with a skip in your step. You may not have a choice about having only seventeen and a half minutes for lunch, but you can choose to use it to take a quick walk or call your Mum or read a chapter from that book you’ve been lugging around for the past six months. You can slump at your desk and choose to have a rich tea lunch break or you can take care of yourself with a double chocolate chip lunch break.

That’s the other thing about ‘Getting Your Inbox to Zero’, it creates more time in your life, time you didn’t know you had, time you can use to look after yourself. Lee knows this. That’s why he’s got the time to make sure that when you arrive at a Bristol Public workshop, there are some really nice biscuits.

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