Blow up your TV (part 1 of 3)

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As a Productivity Ninja, I am often asked what I recommend as the single biggest change we can make in our lives to boost Productivity.

The answer is simple: Blow up your TV.

Not being productive? Watching too much television

Not literally, but certainly disconnect from the TV aerial, and stop watching live broadcast feed.

In 2011, the average UK viewer watched 4 hours 2 minutes of TV a day (source: Guardian Media).  So, assuming we are actually awake for sixteen hours a day, that represents 25% of our waking day.  Not doing anything, not proactive, not engaged; just watching stuff.

At Think Productive UK, we talk about “Impact Thinking” – focusing on those things that have most impact for us, our families and our employers, and forgetting about the rest.  Watching TV is, almost by definition, not even low impact; it’s no impact.  If you dedicate 25% of your waking life to no impact activity, expect to have a no impact life.

So, Blow up your TV.

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