4 sneaky ways of working flexibly

1)      Hide: Find a way to grab some time to yourself and review your weekly checklist or work on a key outcome for an hour. You can Ninja_agilitywork off site, book a meeting with yourself or just turn off your phone and email. We all need to disappear from time to time. Our productivity training will show you to use your hiding time to supercharge the rest of your life.

2)      Work from home: Marissa might think differently but when working from home you can get some of your best work done, you’re free to control your environment, so if classical music gets the productivity flowing you can blast that Bach or if you need to wear fluorescent green to feel comfortable, do as you please.

3)      Work early: Staying well past the end of the day is a common theme in UK offices but not only is it unhealthy, watching your free time drain away can leave you feeling really unproductive. If you know you absolutely can’t get it done in the given time, why not start the day an hour or two earlier, when the working day starts you’re ahead rather than behind.

4)      Change the schedule: Tell people that you’re only answering emails in the afternoon or on Fridays or never. Move your weekly meeting to a daily huddle, sometimes we get stuck into patterns that we are free to change without realising it; the best thing about being flexible is that you can change it right back again.

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