4 reasons you’re not yet a productivity ninja

Ninja1)      You don’t have the knowledge: Problem solved -contact us for more information about our productivity training workshops or check out ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ for a step by step guide.

2)      You don’t have a goal: It’s hard to work towards something when you don’t know what that something is going to look like. Take some time to define your outcomes, whether it’s colour coordinating your sock drawer or building your business – a ninja needs a clear target.

3)      You don’t have the time: We know it often feels like you don’t have the time available to create new systems, but not doing so is a false economy. Remember when your mum used to tell you to tidy your room and you didn’t want to take the time out every week and then you had to spend the whole weekend searching for your sports kit – that’s your life without a solid system. So create some time even if you have to get up early or miss The Apprentice, you’ll thank yourself later.

4)      You don’t have the outfit: Okay that’s a joke, but you might need some ninja tools. Spend some time working out which app, programme or notepad will work best for you on your journey to ninjadom.

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