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Each year, I develop some one-year goals.

I do this in December and begin to add them as projects and actions in my Master Actions List at the start of January.

For me, doing this makes these commitments real by integrating them alongside the rest of my projects and actions than turns them from being aspirational New Year’s resolutions into a much more realistic and achievable plan.

I make resolutions or goals for each and every area of my life including:

> Health

> Happiness/Fun

> Relationships

> Work

> Sustainability/Environment

> Home

> Finances

> Creativity


For each of these areas, I brainstorm ideas, capturing and collecting them on a page over several days using mind maps. It’s a creative process for me: some things I decide upon as soon as I have the idea, but many other things I let sit on the page for a few days while I chew the ideas around in my mind. Some make the final cut, others are torn up and thrown away never to be seen again.

From my work goals, I also make a more detailed strategic plan for Think Productive UK, my main business. My thinking is that if I do it in this order – personal first, business second – the business works for me rather than the other way around. It’s still never more than two pages long, though, and is really just a pointer to steer our growth and development.

You can do these at New Year and call them New Year’s resolutions, but you might just as easily choose to do them during your summer holiday break, before the new financial year in April or perhaps to coincide with your birthday.

You should include in your thinking whatever goals are agreed as part of your annual performance appraisal at work if you have one, as this is a great way of providing focus and creating shared ownership and vision between yourself and your manager.


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