Your Company Shouldn’t Be Scared of Halloween

Halloween is approaching, and that means one thing, inappropriate fancy dress. Unless you’re dressing up as a Productivity Ninja of course. I am indeed talking specifically, about office parties. Halloween is an incredibly popular holiday and is celebrated by millions every year. Among this are employees, who appreciate the chance to take a break and join in on the festivities with their colleagues. Here at Think Productive we enjoy a good costume and a little celebration. We also find that there are many positives to celebrating holidays in the workplace. They improve employee engagement, general morale and workplace productivity.

Office parties offer the opportunity to celebrate holidays while engaging employees in team and relationship building events. Halloween being such a popular holiday, allows everyone to get involved. As a company, this will provide a catalyst of interactions which can build both personal and work relationships. Creating an office event which allows employees to de-stress, enjoy themselves and get to know each other better, can only have positive results on team productivity.
So, how does celebrating holidays at work increase employee engagement and productivity?

Don't Be Scared of Halloween

Improving working relationships

An office celebration includes everybody in the office and as such, allows people to communicate and interact with those that they may not be able to during day-to-day work life. Never mind a company which has several offices, meaning some employees only get to interact over the phone and therefore a face-to-face interaction allows for more efficient discussion of ideas. Increasing communication between employees allows the building and formation of relationships, and we all know, the better the relationship, the better the outcome. With office parties, come games and competitions. These allow for everybody to get involved and can reveal all sorts of hidden talents. The shining of such creativity and talent can increase bonding between peers and provide a common ground.

A well-deserved break

Holiday periods are extremely busy. Whether it be the organisation of events for family and friends or the preparation in attending one. Office celebrations allow staff to take a break and de-stress from the normal intensity of workdays, as the event is organised for them. Reducing stress in the workforce is massively important and the positive impact of stress-free employees have on productivity is evident. Here at Think Productive, we feel strongly about reducing stress, so much so that we run Time Management Workshops which aim to make your life less stressful.

Don't Be Scared of Halloween

Boosting staff morale

The office environment has an integral effect on the performance of team members. By celebrating such festivities, employees are found to be highly engaged and motivated which naturally leads to an increase in productivity. This can affect other staff members as they are all celebrating and working together. The knock-on effect. It’s simple; happier employees equal a happier company. The increase in morale means that while performing their jobs, employees are more positive. This shows in their work, whether that be interacting with team members or on the phone to customers.

Increasing retention

Celebrating holidays in the workplace allow employees to feel like they’re part of something important, part of a community. The festivities can be seen as a reward for their contribution to the company’s success. The environment allows staff to form a mental and emotional attachment to the company, creating a positive association with work-life. It can’t be all hard work, now can it? The positive experience and sense of community will instill a sense of being, reducing the wish to leave the company when the going gets tough.

Don't Be Scared of Halloween

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By Miles Singleton 


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