Introducing Fun Points: Reward Your Productivity

Not sure if you can delay gratification? Worried you might be tempted to jump right into the Facebook void instead of exercising your ninja focus? We’re going to give you a little self-management system that you can use to make sure that you stay motivated and recognise that delayed gratification doesn’t mean no gratification, it just means your time for fun will come.

The system is called ‘fun points’. For each hour of study, you’re going to earn half a fun point, so two hours of studying will bring you one full fun point and so on.  Then you’re going to spend these fun points in any way you choose. Worried about whether to go on a big night out or to stay in and do that extra reading? Check if you have enough fun points!

We’ve made a ‘fun point treats’ pinterest board to give you an idea of what you could spend your points on. What would you add to it?

Follow Think Productive’s board FUN POINT TREATS on Pinterest.

Graham talks a lot about fun points in his latest book ‘How To Be A Knowledge Ninja’, out 5th March.

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