Why Drinking Water is Good For Productivity

Drinking the right amount of water can have a phenomenal impact on your well-being – and your productivity. A 2013 study conducted by the University of East London showed that drinking water can result in a 14% increase in productivity, and yet most of us still aren’t drinking as much as we should be.

So, what exactly are the productive benefits of staying properly hydrated?



Sleep better

Your body does most of its reparation while you sleep. Drinking water before you go to bed allows your body to regain balance, helping you to relax and replenish your systems overnight. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to tackle the day ahead.


Think clearer

We know that drinking water can result in clearer skin, but what about clearer thinking? Dehydration can take its toll on your attention span. Water is the ultimate brain food, so make sure you’re getting enough to keep it alert and focussed throughout the day.


Decrease stress and anxiety

While dehydration is not necessarily the sole cause of stressful or anxious feelings, your brain does need water to be able to function properly. Dehydration can impact your mental health as much as your physical health, so staying hydrated is a great way to look after your brain, and keep it in the best shape possible.


Stay energised

Midday weakness and fatigue are often your body’s way of telling you that it needs hydrating. This is especially important if you’re taking part in any sort of physical activity (to replace the fluids lost through sweat) but even sitting at a desk for eight hours a day requires an energised body. Don’t let yourself burn out by lunch time!


Improve mood

Dehydration can negatively affect your mood, causing confusion, tension, and irritability. Taking proper care of your body and brain promotes calmer and more positive thinking – and who doesn’t get more work done when they’re in a better mood?


Prevent headaches

A headache is often the tell-tale sign we associate with dehydration. The trouble is, we usually don’t feel thirsty until our bodies are already somewhat dehydrated, and the cognitive effects are in place. Drinking consistently throughout the day can prevent your body from getting to this point, enabling you to work better and for longer.


Strengthen immune system

If the toxins in your system aren’t being flushed out by drinking enough water, your immune system has to work extra hard to manage them. By staying hydrated, you can maintain a strong and stable immune system, ready to fight and eliminate unwanted viruses and bacteria – and a stronger immune system means less sick days.


By Steph Rathbone

Good reminder. I’m pleased to see the old ‘eight glasses of water a day’ myth didn’t make it into the article (although it was in the email). It’s a non-fact.; just think about it: how big are the glasses? would you need more in hot weather/when doing exercise? less in cold weather? Just one of my pet topics!

Lovely article. Just wondering if I could get the name of the author please. I am doing a research paper on the health benefits of drinking water and wanted to use this as a resource. Thank you!

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