What will have your attention today?

As Think Productive UK founder Graham Allcott continues his series of month-long experiment of “one day a week email”, he discusses how “attention” can improve your productivity.

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Paying attention has a price.

To truly pay attention to something, you have to choose – actively – what not to pay attention to, or what to delay paying attention to until later.

Great meetings come from great listening or great connection. Great ideas and plans come from paying full attention to what the possibilities might be. And to find the incredible in this life, we don’t usually need to go very far, we just need to pay better attention.

It’s often said that giving the gift of time is the most valuable gift of all. It’s not. Giving someone your time but without giving them your fullest attention? You’re telling them that something else – something probably largely frivolous – is competing for the attention that they thought was theirs alone.

And that frivolous thing is occasionally winning, too.

Time can be spent, attention needs to be paid. Attention is truly the most valuable currency you have.

So, what will have your attention today?


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