Wanted: iPhone app developer

We want an iPhone app developer to help us change the face of iPhone and iPad productivity!
Could you help us?
Here at Think Productive UK we’ve got what we think is a great idea to build an influential app that could revolutionise the productivity app space, as well as have wider uses (and no, it’s NOT just another list manager, as we feel there are enough decent ones out there already).

We’re looking for a partner who can help us build it. We don’t have a budget to pay you, but we envisage a 50-50 partnership on an app that will most likely have a paid version as well as a lite version and we’ll then promote it via our workshops, website and social media. We don’t know much about developing apps, but the functionality should be very straightforward (certainly closer to building a countdown timer than trying to build the next Evernote!).

Are you interested in collaborating with us? Email lisa@thinkproductive.co.uk with a bit about your background (track record preferred, but we’re equally willing to work with intelligent newbies who can demonstrate they know what they’re doing!). We’d prefer to work with someone who we can meet face to face through the process – there’s also desk space in our office in Brighton if needed!