Unplug For the Weekend

So, it’s almost time for the weekend. After a long week of work, you can look forward to disconnecting and enjoying your leisure time peacefully. Although, how many of us really do that? Our Productivity Ninjas preach work-life balance, but we understand that creating separation can be difficult. We live in a technological age. We are constantly connected. Which can make abstaining from that bit of extra work even more challenging. Although, unplugging can be a struggle at first, the benefits are more than worth it in the end.

We’re not saying you should spend all day sleeping in and performing Netflix marathons. It’s just that taking time off from work, and even away from technology, is healthy. Take the opportunity to do something that makes you happy and allows you to get some much-needed personal time. The truth is most of us are stressed in some way or another, and a lot of it is because of work. So, it’s important to take a break on the weekend. Rest up and unwind, ready to tackle the world fresh on Monday.

So, sit back and relax. The following infographic by the team at Net Credit provides you 14 scientific reasons why you should disconnect from work over the weekend – just in case you needed any more.

If you are suffering from work overlapping into your weekend, then perhaps our Time Management Workshops can help you.

What methods do you use to disconnect on the weekend? Let us know in the comment box below or tweet us @thinkproductive

By Miles Singleton 


Unplug for the weekend Infopgraphic

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