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Ever get those days where you feel groggy, unmotivated, low on energy and fuzzy in your thinking?

Well, even the most productive of Productivity Ninjas have these days.  Unlike most authors, I don’t feel the need to pretend that such things don’t happen to me!  Because the real issue, as I see it, is how to deal with those days – or temporarily foggy mindsets – when they do come along.  We have great to-do lists, we know the score, yet we’re…. stuck.

How do we get things moving again?  How do we get unstuck?

Getting unstuck requires a shift in our state, a change in our mindset or a personal challenge to our ingrained behaviours.  I’m finding the dice are proving an effective way to get things moving on both macro and micro levels and avoid staying stuck for too long.

The dice provide a third way to think.  Usually we’re faced with polar choices: yes or no, office or home, send it or don’t, do it or not.  Or we’re faced with two or three familiar options: tea or coffee… or herbal tea; email, phone-call or face-to-face meeting; soldier on, go big or go home.

But when you feel stuck and you realise you have the dice in your back pocket, you’re forced to think of other options.  What would be UNUSUAL?  What would add an element of excitement?  And let’s be honest, what might be interesting to personally experience and learn from, or for you to read about in a blog post?

And so the life of the dice is really the life of possibilities.  Dancing between the usual and the unusual, the thrilling and the mundane, the safe bets and the one in six slim shots is great for getting unstuck. Because suddenly, you’re dancing.  And if you’re dancing, you’re moving.  And if you’re moving – without even realising it – you’re no longer stuck.


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Read all of Graham’s Dice Man posts

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