Toxic Assumptions

Dead Sea Zone
Image by AZRainman

In every organisation, especially as organisations grow, we make assumptions about how we operate. Some of these are cultural norms which help grow the organisation or ensure great service. And some of these are toxic assumptions.

In the 1990’s Marks and Spencer was a thriving business that made unchallenged assumptions that later proved to be toxic. They assumed…

  • M&S does not need to accept credit cards
  • M&S doesn’t need to advertise
  • M&S doesn’t need to have a January sale or a summer sale.

These views were shared amongst staff and shareholders because they believed the business was in good shape, they believed in the quality of their product and their customers were very loyal. But things change.

M&S in 2012 is a very different business. Your organisation will be a very different organisation in 20 years than it is today.

So what toxic assumptions are you currently making – and what can you do about it?

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