Top 10 Ways To Stay Happy At Work

We meet thousands of workers every year from a diverse range of different industries who, despite their differences, have one desire in common: they want to feel happier at work. Our ninja’s teach you how to be more effective, efficient and in control at work. The feedback from these workshops report a similar outcome: “your ninjas have taught me to feel happier at work, and improve my work-life balance.”

To celebrate the International Day of Happiness, which is taking place today, we thought we’d give you our 10 favourite tips on how to stay happy at work.

1. Decorate the office

Happy Office 6

Improve your office culture by creating a nice environment to work in. You spend a lot of time in there, you want it to feel good! Most people who come into our office love the stationary pick’n’mix (pictured above), but our office is also covered in fairy lights, pictures and posters, and has a mini zen garden.

2. Office Pets

Happy Office 5

Who doesn’t feel better after hanging out with a pet?! Admittedly, we can’t fit live pets in our office, but soft toys do the trick too.

3. Take regular breaks

Take regular breaks

You’ve all heard it before – and you’ve probably rolled your eyes at the thought whenever you’ve been particularly stressed. You have NO TIME for a break right? Wrong. Work doesn’t stop coming, but your attention can stop at any point. Step away from your desk, have a cuppa, breathe, recollect, then get back to it. You’ll feel better and more in control.

4. Meditate in the mornings

meditation google

Anyone who’s read our books, been to our workshops or follows our social media channels will know a lot about the great power of meditation when it comes to increasing productivity. Taking ten minutes out of your day to focus on what’s going on inside your head will help you to regain focus and control over your day – and, in turn, make you feel happier.

5. Review your projects weekly

Keep Calm - Weekly Review!

Taking time to reflect on where you are with your projects sounds a little daunting – especially if you’re concerned that you’re running behind – but reviewing your projects will make you feel more in control. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve already done and you’ll have a better idea of where to focus your attention for the following week.

6. Leave your chocolate on your colleagues desk – with the instruction that they must eat it

Happy Office 2

Pippa left a little treat for her colleagues this morning… she felt good, we felt good, happiness was all around.

7. Label everything

Happy Office 3

Not only is labeling everything a great guidance for everyone in the office, it also looks great – Paula was particularly happy when more labels arrived today. (This goes back to number one too.)

8. Make a happiness board

Happy Office 4

Remind yourself of what makes you happy and pin it to the board! No, not the pinterest board – an actual board! Ours is in the ‘chill-out space’ in our office – with the kettle, the sofa and the zen garden.

9. Have an office mascot – and dress him/her up

Happy Office 1

Meet TP Sheepie, our office mascot. You may recognise him from all our social media channels – he enjoys a good selfie. His wardrobe is also arguably bigger than most of ours. Having an office mascot brings more fun to the office and provides good entertainment in lunch breaks.



If you’re not happy with your job role, find yourself another one! We know it’s easier said than done, but don’t get yourself trapped into the idea that you have to stay where you are.

Great article!

I have three shelves above my office desk, cluttered with EVERYTHING I like!

I like to believe it keeps me productive, because it feels homely, and when my mind is at ease, I become more creative.

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