The Productivity Ninja’s Guide to Brexit

This post-Brexit world is likely to throw up all kinds of uncertainties in the days, weeks, months and even years ahead. Here are three things that I thought were important before the referendum, that have just got a whole lot more vital.

Prepare your team for times of change

First, Equipping your team for a time of change means being equipped personally to deal with change. Getting back to basics, having good personal systems and a  ‘second brain’ in place to help you make sense of the complexity is vital. From a place of clarity and control, you’re in a much better position to help others. And from such a place, you can work out what you have the ability to create certainty or action, versus where your attention on an issue is just unconstructive worry or speculation.

Second, what’s going to matter most in the times ahead is resilience. Whilst the focus is often on how companies, teams and balance-sheets can stay resilient, I think personal resilience is often-overlooked. And it’s people, of course, who form teams and drive companies. Tired and confused people generally make poor decisions. Resilience is about our ability to stick it out for the long haul, and as such, short term rest and recovery will help shape a better long term. “E-Resilience”, as in, our ability to maintain a healthy and sustainable connectivity without driving ourselves nuts, will become a key theme in the next year or so.

Finally, turbulent times actually bring with them a gift: they force you to think about what matters. And the more you think about what matters, the more you start to focus on it, or make space for it. So now is the time to be more ruthless with what’s on your plate, hone in on the vital, and follow what feels true for you.

By Graham Allcott 

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