The late late breakfast show

We will be speaking at an event organised by @BernieJMitchell called The Late Late Breakfast Show. The concept of the event is to give seven speakers seven minutes each to talk about their subject. We of course will be talking all things time management so make sure you come down.

Other speakers at the event will be:

James Poulter talking about Community
Glenn Le Santo talking about #findbritian
Jacqueline Rogers talking about Athena
Steven Lia talking about Likeourselves
Roger Gorman talking about Profinda
Guru John Poplini talking about Sucksessville

The event will take place every third Tuesday of every month at Sway Bar. Entry to the event will be £10 (pay online to secure a place) unless you are a guest of a speaker or a member of TAGtribe in which case entry is free.

You can also follow updates on Twitter using the tag #llbs

For more information on the event click here

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