The Good Ideas Park

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Whether you’re processing your email, clearing your in-tray or just getting on with your daily work, you’ll come across ideas or recommendations that seem like they could be really useful, but for whatever reason don’t seem to fit into your current set of priorities.

These are the ideas that might inform future projects.

They also may not, and you might delete them in future, but for now you don’t want to lose the idea. This is where the ‘Good Ideas Park’ comes in handy.

It could be an email folder, an Evernote notebook, a desktop folder or even a physical folder that you print and put things into!

My Good Ideas Park currently contains about a hundred items as varied as:

  • software to try out
  • places to go on country walks
  • business development or marketing ideas
  • ideas for blogs and articles
  • a couple of charity related ideas I’d like to set up
  • and so on.

It’s a dumping ground and it’s pretty chaotic there, but every now and again it provides me with just the right idea at the just the right time.

One thing that grew out of my Good Ideas Park was a separate list which I call ‘Watch/Read/Hear’. I use this list for when friends and colleagues recommend good films to see, books to read or music to listen to. If I’m on Amazon or iTunes and I pull up that list, it’s only a few clicks until all of that stuff is on its way to me. My memory for these kinds of things is terrible and some of my favourite films, books and music has come to me through this simple list.


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