The Age of the ‘Staycation’

We all enjoy travelling to new places and experiencing new things. In fact, our Productivity Ninja‘s encourage it! It provides the chance to take a break from work and spend time with loved ones. It can also give you a productivity boost for when you come back to work. Not to mention allow you to de-stress, recharge and come back more productive. But is it crucial that we travel to new places in order to receive these benefits?

The team over at Pound Place believe that you can replicate the joys of a holiday in the familiar surroundings of your everyday life. They conducted a research project into the age of the ‘staycation’ and found that it is entirely possible, even rather simple, to do. So, here is an infographic which displays both the results and the pragmatic solutions. Allowing you to unplug and experience the benefits of a vacation, without the need to travel to a far exotic location.

If you want to make time to experience new things in your environment or another, perhaps one of our time management workshops could help?

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The Age of the Staycation


By Miles Singelton 

Miles is Think Productive’s Editorial Content Producer. 

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