Why You Should Say “No” More

Graham Allcott is the owner / director of Think Productive UK, a UK productivity training company

Picture this.

You’re in a meeting that you thought you were attending purely to contribute to, and the meeting discussion begins to come

Taking on too much? Just say no

around to some decisions and commitments about actions people could take at the end of the meeting.

There’s a particular set of actions that you’re renowned for being good at, and just as it’s mentioned, several pairs of eyes turn and focus on you. It’s easy in this situation to over-commit. It’s harder to rein the conversation back from what you could deliver and on to what you’re able to deliver. It’s harder still, when you know how valuable your contribution could be, to say “No” to all of it… without feeling like you’re letting the side down or losing favour with someone who matters.

Saying “No” to others is tricky.

It requires steely resolve, a ruthless streak and some great tactics so that you come out smelling of roses.

Make it your mission to perfect the art of saying “No” to yourself and to others. It goes a long way.

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