Resistance is Futile

Routines can distract resistance for just long enough to get you into momentum
Resistance is Futile! Resisting tough tasks makes work harder in the long run

Getting going and building momentum can be difficult at the start of your day. Routines are a great tool to distract resistance for just long enough to get you into momentum. Following a particular pattern at the start of your day, where the fifth of six elements happens to be doing a piece of work that your resistance would usually shout and scream about is a clever way of nipping in with the work before your resistance notices. For a long time when I worked from home, my morning routine was deliberately regimented:

1. Drink water
2. Ten minute run
3. Shower
4. Breakfast
5. Worst task of the day
6. Daily Check-list

Hidden inside so many positive and comfortable tasks was doing something truly dreadful. With the endorphins from my run still pumping around my body, the resistance didn’t know where to look. These days, every morning is different but those that start with good routines tend to continue on into more productive days.

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