Productivity Twitter Chat with Graham Allcott, Think Productive CEO

Our founding CEO, Graham Allcott, is a leading productivity thinker, a best-selling author, a social entrepreneur, a keynote speaker and a board member for the young people’s homeless charity, Centrepoint. He’s also an Aston Villa fan, which any of his social media followers will already know about.

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He’s a fountain of knowledge with a lot of experience in growing small businesses and maintaining happiness, proactive attention and motivation in his team.

Tomorrow, we’re sitting Graham on twitter (@grahamallcott) from 1pm until 1.30pm (UK time) to lead a discussion in productivity, the work-life balance, his new book and any other questions that fly into the twittersphere under the hashtag #AskGraham.

To assist you in your decision to join in, we thought we’d answer a series of questions that you may have.

Why should I join in?

Twitter chats like these are always beneficial to the attendees, but there are two major reasons why you shouldn’t miss this one:

1. You’ll learn something new – Graham’s got three books worth (at least) of well-researched productivity tips to share.

2. Twitter chats are a very effective way of engaging with like-minded people. It’s often the case that when one person admits that they struggle with something, others admit it too, and offer ways to deal with it.

What could I talk to Graham about?

There’s a lot that you can discuss with Graham – particularly when it comes to being more productive. Alternatively, you could ask him about his writing process as an author, how he’s set up a global company, and what lead him to become a productivity expert – or why he supports Villa.

I can’t join in with the chat at that time, can I still contribute?

Yes! We’ll ask your question for you! Either comment, email or tweet us (@thinkproductive) with your question and twitter handle.

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