Productivity Ninjas Make Mornings Easier

If you’re not an early bird, you probably struggle to leave your comfortable and warm bed every morning. You might even lie in bed every other morning calculating where you can save some time getting ready to justify getting an extra 10 minutes in bed. Not all Productivity Ninjas are early birds and that’s why we’re here to help you make your mornings as easy as humanly possible.

A while ago we shared with you our meal-planning strategy in order to shave off some time during the week and in the morning, through simple Productivity Ninja Preparedness. Your breakfast and lunch aren’t the only things you can prepare the night before. Think back to your time in school. Your parents probably annoyed you about packing your bag the day before and even earlier than that, our parents also left out our clothes for the next day. Annoying at the time, but it will come in handy now, we promise.

So, tonight, instead of watching that extra episode on Netflix, prepare your food for the next day, pack your bag as much as you can and spend some time taking out your clothes for tomorrow. Live in a place where the weather can be rather unpredictable? Let’s not use this as an excuse but rather get extra organised and put out a second option in case of some surprise rain in the morning.

Don’t waste time! 
Let’s avoid spending 2 hours on picking out outfits, unless you enjoy it of course, and make it easier for yourself with the help of your calendar. Check for meetings, lunch plans, possible mood changes and after-work plans to choose the best outfit for the next day. Don’t cheat yourself and only take out one or two item of clothing thinking “I’ll do the rest in the morning”, complete the job for future-you and put everything out from bottom layer to top and from head to toe.

Not a Productivity Ninja Fashionista?
With Office and Event dress codes, it can get tricky to choose the perfect outfit. Not to worry, the office dress code gurus from T.M.Lewin have provided us with this helpful Infographic which will break down most office dress codes for you.

Productivity Ninjas Make Mornings Easier

By Hannah Urbanek

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