Productivity Ninjas Live: Sticking to Your Goals

It’s been an exciting first month of 2017 at Think Productive. And what better way to start the new year than with a brand new announcement? This year we’re starting a new series of free, 30 minute interactive webinars, also known as – Productivity Ninjas Live! The sessions will run every 2 months and feature our Productivity Ninjas chatting to, and with you about how to live more productively. Each session has a different theme – so keep your eyes peeled for the announcements and joining instructions in our newsletter and on the blog.

Our first session is all about how to stick to your goals. Remember those dusty old things from the beginning of January? Whether it’s to join a gym, eat healthier, or to finally clean out that back closet which is frankly getting so scary you’re considering burning the house down – we all do it. Unfortunately, what we don’t all do is stick to those resolutions! This is such a well-known phenomenon that January 17th is actually the official ‘Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day’ so we have to ask- what is it that’s causing us all to give up?

Often, it’s to do with the fact that adding in new habits and routines to an already busy and unmanageable schedule is a task that feels so daunting – it never gets done. That’s why this month we teamed up with Productivity Ninjas Matthew Brown and Lee Cottier to bring you the best tips and tricks on how to start the year on the right foot – and how to stay there!

Productivity Ninjas Live

Will we see you there?
Mark your calendars for: February 9th 2017, 11:30 am – 12:00 pm GMT. 

Register here.

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By Caitlin Fox 

Caitlin is Think Productive’s Campaign Manager as well as Graham Allcott’s Personal Assistant. 


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