Productivity Ninja Tips on Day of the Ninja

On International Day of the Ninja, we couldn’t resist but ask our Productivity Ninjas to share their top Ninja Tips with you. Below you’ll find their latest top tips which they follow to boost their productivity. If you want to know more, you should check out our Time Management Workshops and find the right fit for you and your team and learn Productivity Ninja skills to boost your team’s productivity. 

Been sitting down all day? 

“Sit Less, Stand More, Start Now!  – Sitting is the new Smoking!”


Productivity Ninja Tips


Constantly get distracted while working? 

“Work where people can’t find you. You will get so much more done. Use this in your times of best attention and focus, then you can be available for others the rest of the time.”


Productivity Ninja Tips


“If you’re a remote worker, don’t work from home, unless you can truly make that work for yourself.”
Even then, we’d suggest you switch it up every now and then to get a different view and boost your productivity.

Is your calendar filled with meetings? 

“Cancel/don’t attend meetings which could be dealt with an email or phone call. A packed calendar doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a things done.”

We can also help you sharpen your meeting skills through our effective meetings training.

Get in the office without a plan for the day? 

“Write your to-do list at the end of your day so when you come in to work the next morning, you can crack on without opening your email.”


Productivity Ninja Tips


Get sucked into your inbox? 

“Even if your role, your clients or your boss demand that you be “online” for the entire day, being able to carve out or negotiate a chunk of time each day for yourself – even just 30 minutes – where you actually switch your email to offline mode so that no new email comes in, is truly liberating – AND YES, PRODUCTIVE!
Use the time to step back and look at projects strategically, progress them by deciding on their next action, get some “thinking or writing” work done, review your priorities for the week ahead or get your inbox down to zero.
And if you’re working on getting your inbox to zero, for goodness sake do yourself a favor and go offline to stop new emails coming in and stressing you out!”

We also offer Time Management Workshops, concentrating on Email Training, in which a Productivity Consultant will help you avoid spending all of your day dealing with emails.

When was the last time you took a day off? 

“Recharging is not a luxury, it is fuel for your productivity. Do something that recharges you and make it a priority.”


Productivity Ninja Tips


Using your weekends the way you should? 

“Have something outside of work that truly pushes all thoughts of job stuff out of your head so you can properly recharge, rather than just go on standby. Screen free Sundays, running, hobbies, the outdoors, family stuff, etc. are all important ways to quiet the chatter of work thoughts and get some peace. Proper rest is good for the “Human not Superhero” you, as well as for your long term productivity – ultimately you’ll be better off when you get back in the game on Monday as a result.”


Which tip are you implementing today? Let us know @thinkproductive and get in touch to find out more about our Time Management Training

By Hannah Urbanek 



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