A new army of Productivity Ninjas in the north – join us?


Sharon is our Productivity Ninja in the North of England

She runs time management workshops with a difference!


Thank you everyone who attended the workshop in Halifax on 31st January and helped make it a great success!  For people who missed out on all the fun, you are in luck – our next How to Get Things Done northern workshop is in Manchester on the 17th May (sign up here).

Still not convinced? Check out some of our favorite comments from the Halifax workshop below!


How would you describe the benefits of the workshop to your friends?

“Really helped me to think about the value of how I spend my time.”

“‘Time to reflect on your own practice and find what ticks your box.”

“A great opportunity to stop and reflect on how productive you are – not the same as how busy you think you might be!”

“Makes you stop and think about bad habits/concerns & address them/begin to eliminate them.”

“It has definitely given me the confidence to get on with it! (Whatever it might be).”


Was there anything you particularly liked?

“Time given for discussion – hearing other participants stories that were related to session content.”

“Great facilitator – lots of energy & enthusiasm. Structure of CORD is fantastic”

“The variety of techniques which can be applied/adapted to diff. work environments.”

“Straight forward, no-nonsense, enlightening (especially highlighting the things/habits we take for granted).”

“I really liked the fact that Sharon presented a ‘toolbox’ of ideas to pick & choose from – we need to be proactive about the tools that will work for us.”


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